Term and Condition

  1. The Price may be update at anytime.
  2. Affandi Museum provides spaces and facilities for organizing seminars, exhibitions, dinners, parties, and others.
  3. The registration of hire space and facilities at Affandi Museum, at least 2 weeks before the event begins with a down payment of 20% from the total rental price, and the remaining payments please be paid 1 day before the event opened.
  4. Affandi Museum can provide :The consumption ordering with varies of menus and prices, from the economic package until the exclusive package.The ordering of tends, chairs and another aquipments.The ordering of sound systemThe ordering of seminar equipments ( LCD projector, screen, TV, video player, etc).
  5. 48 hours before the event, a list will be sent to the Affandi Museum with the names, surnames and ID No. of all staff involved in the assembly, as well as the drivers and vehicle registrations so as to issue accreditations that will be handed over by Museum security staff upon entry.
  6. The Preparation activities of the event, can be started at 08:00 am until around 23:00 pm. If the preparations and activities, are out of the hours mentioned above, please contact Affandi Museum secretariat.
  7. The tenant of the Affandi Museums space and area are fully responsible for the events organizer. And Affandi Museum serves only as a place of the event.