Gallery I

The first gallery (314,6 m2) was built in 1962 and officially opened in 1974. The original compound comprised of the first gallery and the house of Affandi. It was built gradually and designed by Affandi himself. Affandi’s  house as well as the first gallery took shape of banana leaves. One day, he used banana leaves to protect his wet painting, from the heat and rain. That inspired him to adopt its shape for the roofing of his house and museum, because it symbolized the protection of himself, his family and also his painting from the sun and rain.  A restropective works of Affandi are on display in this gallery, consist of sketches on papers; watercolor; pastel; and oil paintings on canvas, and a number of selected reproduction. Also his statues made form clay and cement, and a reproduction of statue depicting Affandi and his daughter Kartika and his favourite car a 1976 Mitsubishi Gallant.