Building for Families

This building follows the basic form of Affandi’s building concept banana leaf split into two in the middle. At first, Affandi designed this building exactly the same to  the other buildings, by making a mockups / miniature, first from clay, and from this, the workers would construct the actual form with direct supervision by Affandi himself. Part of this building was designed as 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. These 3 rooms, were built for Affandi’s children from his second wife ‘Rubiyem’ When they were still young. When they have grown up and have their own households, these rooms became a kind of guest house for the family. At the end of his life, when Affandi was ill until he passed away, he stayed in one of these rooms (the one in the middle). Maryati Likewise, even though she already has a private room in a traditional cart, after Affandi passed away, Maryati chose to stay at the middle room as well. Affandi and Maryati, both passed away in the same room.


family-compund-1 family-compund-2