Ki Glembo - 1936 - 34 x 47 cm - Pencil on Paper

“Ki Glembo“ is one of Affandi’s family comes from Cirebon west Java, as Affandi’s uncle. This painting is the beginning of Affandi's own learning about how to see a tangible form, to get to the naturalist. Affandi had ever said, “I do not want to draw like a photograph, despite being exactly the same but no soul”. ( By Kartika 2006)

Kartika - 1941 - 24 x 21 cm - Oil on Hardboard

Affandi wondered , by nature Kartika is a girl, but in reality she is full of energy, naughty and very stubborn This painting is more realistic, while this work has rough brush work. After this time, his expressions became steady and his original style was established. This portrait of Kartika was painted during his stay in Bali. Affandi was influenced by foreign artist in Ubud, painting Balinese women with flower and he also painted it on Kartika fore a head. (Cattlg FAAM pg 19/1999 )

Deck Passengers - 1949 - 54 x 44 cm - Sketch On Paper

On the way to India, Affandi saw many passengers on the deck of a native Indian. They wanted to return home with many kind of luggage in hampers. (By Kartika 2006)

The Artist and His Daughter - 1950 - 176 x 98 cm - Oil on Canvas

Affandi's arm, leg and torso are on the lelf edge. This demonstrated his wit in showing the distance between the father and the daughter, who is soon to get married. The happiness of Affandi who kept close eye on his beloved daughter, as well as the loneliness he feels for she is no more dependent on him, are well expressed. The work was made 11 years after he painted his self-portrait holding Kartika (plate 7) during his stay in India. ( Catlgs FAAM 1999 pg.25. )

WISDOM OF THE EAST - 1967 - 13 x 16 foot (156 x 192 inch) - Fresco Mural In the Jefferson Hall, East – West Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

“Wisdom of the East” is dedicted by the hand of God reaching across the ocean to the West while holding wiseman of the East ; Gandhi, Lo The, and Semar a famous wiseman of Indonesian Epic.

Mother's Angry - 1960 - 152 x 175 cm - Oil on Canvas

Affandi is trying to console his disappointed mother who is trying to leave him without listening to him. His mother takes two action in one painting similar to "He Comes, Waits and Goes" (plate 13). Affandi is good at showing the flow of time in one picture in this method. ( catlgs. FAAM 1999 pg.30 )